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Cataldo Ambulance Service MCI and Rehab Support

Cataldo Ambulance MCI Support

Mass Casualty Incident Trailer
Mass Casualty Incidents are events that cause casualties in large enough quantities which overwhelm the public health and medical services of the affected community. The severity or diversity of injuries in addition to the number of victims will be major factors in determining whether a mass casualty incident requires additional resources outside of the community. Cataldo Ambulance Service is equipped with a state of the art MCI trailer which can treat up to 50 adult and pediatric patients.

The Cataldo MCI Trailer includes four key components necessary to treat a mass casualty incident properly.

Incident Support UnitCataldo Ambulance Incident Support Unit
Cataldo Ambulance operates and maintains one of the only Incident Support Units in the area. Cataldo’s ISU acts as an additional resource when dealing with an emergency situation. Cataldo Fleet Maintenance houses, operates, and stocks the unit with fans, Gatorade, and water for Emergency workers.
This unit is capable of all ISU functions and has additional capability of providing remote communications support for both radio and computer dispatching. The ISU is equipped with a self contained HVAC and also has a self sufficient power supply, exterior lighting capability and all items necessary for fire rehabilitation support.
The ISU is intended to revitalize patients as well as emergency field workers. Particularly on a hot day, many fire fighters and crews do not have the time and resources to hydrate before battling a fire or other emergency incident. The resources used with the ISU help to maintain the crews and prepare them to handle emergencies as best they can. In addition to the ISU, Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedic crews are on hand should medical attention be needed.